UNiQUE CASES:(short list)

Writing Services
Articles for website posting prices start at $500.00- for 500 words than .25 a word thereafter. All other writing services are negotiable based on client needs, subject(s) and needed research considerations.

Blogging cost are based on the length of posting needs, frequency and type of site.
Minimum: once a week posting at $25.00 a post laden with SEO. Available is also social media management:

hourly monitoring, response or hype posting. Negotiable per client needs.

We also proofread, edit manuscripts and plays for grammar, consistency and formatting.
Cost is based on size of script and timeframe of needed return: One to one basis.

**(We do not edit school submissions, homework...)

Entertainment Services
Our music department supplies services all genre from a one to two person team up to- full orchestra: corporate, private or

for promotional client needs. Prices are based on venue, location, available lighting or not, sound system set up or not,

space, size of musical talent and audience size. Average cost for a personal venue is $575.00 for a four person set up- with

1 singer M/F.  We also have soloists with karaoke machines who work for 1-2 hours.

Music Production
Studio time in our up to date studio facility is based on needs and size of production needed. Our expertise enables from creating a first demo- movie score, providing live musicians and singers for a live production recording to Mastering.
(pricing may be comparable, but not our service. You may find we give more for your money) Contact us.
We have options of working with clients long distance via computer service as well. No need to be in our studio. Contact us.

Executive Coaching or Mentored Marketing Services
This is a high-end, contracted, think tank, partnering and re-constructing business profile service.
Personalized coaching is a start to finish, full campaign process for company leaders, small businesses, artists, business professionals and personal or family consultations who are looking to revamp their entire business, professional presentations and anyone looking to grasp a more healthy living lifestyle. Special services. Based in part on the

Dr. Sears Wellness technique.  Primarily New York based programs with phone coach options, but referrals for your state maybe possible.

Coverage:  Let us record your speeches, special events and edit them for reproduction:

audio books, professional DVD presentations and more-

Prices start at $325.00 for a block of 1 1/2 sessions.  Includes editing and 3 photos.

We can strip audio from your video to enhance sound, remove noise and more starting at $50.00 an hour.

We have many satisfied customers who have benefited from vocal lessons or training through making demos for us.  WE give a 25% discount to participants for future CD productions already on the low rate of $125.00 for 2 tracks using a 8

track production. (4 instruments and 4 voices)

Coaching Contracts are: 3 months, 6 months or 1 year bookings only!
**NEW SERIES OF GROUP SESSIONS are available starting June 2018:

On line, on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis contracted by size of group, location and timeframe.  Average session is 2 hours for 8 weeks. 

REQUEST NEWSLETTER for MORE INFO- (in subject line, please write NEWSLETTER REQUEST)

The MightyDreamer Motivational and MightyDreamer Angel(s) Programs travel throughout the United States, Canada and Abroad. They are one and two day conferences that include:

Special treats, recipes, booklets and discounts for participants.


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For More Detailed Price Listings, Group Rates and Inquiry:

Please include your needs or intentions---  A team member can also be reached at 646-904-0893 for quicker response.


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