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started out as a FREE community based success building program encouraging underserved youth and senior citizens, who often suffered with mental illness, to learn communication arts and media skills with the goal for them to gain a sense of community through artistic expression and deliver.  Our programs also help instill relational dialectic theories that would help enable better communications with peers and in professional business environments and general workplace atmospheres that includes, studying. The success of MightyDreamer Productions established stronger relationships, understanding organizational communication and lent to more focused and goal-orientated participants.  Wellness was a goal for our initiatives that were met.

We have not forgot our roots and continue to seek building community based projects that instill wellness thinking and strategies that MightyDreamer Mentor  or  MightyDreamer Angel (s) Programs have successful executed.  We do not succeed, however, without the assistance of business partners and other business initiatives.  Thanks to interns, graduates, health professionals and business owners, perhaps like yourself, who have join in to be MightyDreamer Angels, we have succeeded in our American and world citizenships future, by assuring those who are ready to change or construct behaviors in positive and constructive manners, we all succeed being effective independently and agreeable for teamwork.

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