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"Welcome to this site.  My thought is that you are here because you believe you are ready to move to another level of your life.  Thank you for the time to investigate our position and be a friend of MightyDreamers.

My name is Sharon L. West, MCHC and I am the creator of the MightyDreamer Angel Program , MightyDreamers and other MightyDreamer Productions.  When I obtained my BA in Communications Arts from Marymount Manhattan College, I decided to fulfill my lifelong passions for community service, entertainment services, branding or coaching artists and business owners by incorporating all my transferable skills to the field of Mental Health, Hygiene and Wellness.   It is easy for me to relate to my clients since I am an artist and business owner in need of a healthy disposition and healthy lifestyle to continue being focused and successful.  Since then, I have obtained a certificate in Community Health, become Certified in Motivational Interviewing through the Silberman School of Social Work and completed the goal of becoming both a Certified Health Coach and Master Coach, through the scientifically based, Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

Since 2002, when I first became Certified as a Professional TV Studio Producer and Cameraperson, the MightyDreamer goal, officially launched off and online.  Yet, the mindset and MightyDreamer vision was well established years before , me as a writer with the tagline for one as,  MightyDreamer.  The growing system of MightyDreamer events have been fulfilling my life as I have had opportunity to make a difference in many people's lives, I've been told and witnessed, by  being trustworthy, passionate, sincere , resourceful and the programs, both TV and within communities, have been effective.  Mostly, I have learned that not only are you never to wise to learn, but learning new skills should never go without sharing them.  What my company will do for you is emotional client based custom products and services.

Autonomy is important.  Sometimes however, we need guidance to  brand ourselves and the business of success training as an art through assistance with professionals who understand your success is not only theirs but that a creative flow is paramount to healthy decision making for obtaining goals. This is how MightyDreamer operates and can help! There is no better optimum branding than our vision or work ethic.  It's about power with.  Have a great day, week or weekend and may you be coached with  brighter tomorrows."


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