We are Master Certified and National Master Certified Health Coaches available for your company's and staff member's goals of building higher productivity skills, healthier living habits and happiness.  As  communication arts specialist, we understand that you too know the importance of solid organizational communication.  Our services help assure this talent is met.  Corporate America or abroad is not our only reach.  We are especially interested in assisting families and individuals reach visionary goals such as maintaining sobriety, weight loss or obtaining a clearer vision of how to reach various goals successfully.  Our classroom or auditorium Health Coaching and inspirational group programs for young adults and small children benefit from educational exercises in both fun and interactive ways .

Our MightyDreamer services are through a series of scientific based techniques: Motivational Interviewing, Active Listening, Positive Psychology, Appreciative Coaching and other proven relational dialectic methods using the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute- L.E.A.N. approach.  Our approaches enhance one's abilities of obtaining healthier lifestyle habits, maintaining medicine adherence or weight loss and goal activations.  We do not direct, but partner our services with corporations, individuals and families in private sessions or group facilitation(s): short or long-term.  Express your needs or desires in a short proposal or letter of interest to:  thenetwork@mightydreamer.com  Feel free to leave your phone number when contacting our company.  We will get back to you within 48 hours. Master Health Coaches are Life-coaches with the experience of scientific knowledge for helping to improve mental and physical health. Not all Health Coaches are the same. What makes MightyDreamer's Master Health Coaches exceptional? We are State or National Medical Board Certified.  The first round of certification creation and in demand. Have a productive, pleasant, plentiful day.

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