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We are Master Certified and National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches, (NBC-HWC)'s, ready to partner with your company to help assure your executive staff and employees are equipped with healthy life choices to assure your continued competitive edge.  A happy staff lends to higher productivity and an atmosphere that both fun, flattering and favorable for everyone.  Walk into any office where people a grounded in a psychological way, one will find respectful interaction and interpersonal communication.  The power of a wellness program helps save company finances and lives.  Our MightyDreamer  coaches are dedicated to empowering new moms and parents of younger children with informed healthy habits guidance.  When it comes to prime-timers, a significant workforce age in 2019 forward, we are making it our business to prepare this group with their:

Company wellness options that includes incentives to take care of one's help such as scientific based health education to help avoid chronic disease or simply stay youthful and fit, empowers workers.  As  communication arts specialist, we understand the importance of solid organizational communication for a corporation to interact as a well oiled machine.  Our services help assure this talent is met.  Call us to see how our one day group,  4-8 week will benefit company coaching and wellness needs for all levels of office management goals and needs by helping to keep staff health and wellness minded.  Sign up for our MightyDreamer Angels Health and Wellness Newsletter.

In addition to corporate healthcare,  we have a few dynamic coaches on the East and West cost for family assistance and smaller organizations such as churches that need short term assistance in matters of pre-diabetes, obesity and breathing conditions education or partnered coaching in goal setting for guidance and monitoring accountability.  Our purpose is to make for engaging group interaction and successful behavioral changes.  MightyDreamer services are scientific based techniques that include:

The L.E.A.N. approach through the  Dr. SearsWellness Institute. (couples, families, pre-senior and children)

Motivational Interviewing.

Active Listening.

Positive Psychology.

Non-Violent Communication.

Mindful Based Stress Reduction.

Appreciative Coaching and proven relational dialectic methods by respected communication arts theories.

**We are expanding and soon will have teleconferences, online classes for groups of 8-12 for 4-8 week sessions, a video series for clients who want on the good wellness training.

For higher-end healthier lifestyle habits, behavioral change monitoring, productive successful goal setting and wellness coaching assistance that changes lives, is what we are attentive and admired.

Talk to us today about your needs, desires, wants to help plan your next level of wellness care.

(646) 904-0893or thenetwork@mightydreamer.com

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